Protein Rich Food

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Whether you’re in a diet program and want to form the muscles of your body? Exercise and eating high protein is the key. But not just any food containing the protein alone is Yes. You should choose foods that contain lean protein or protein low in fat, so your program gives satisfactory results. Then what are examples of foods that contain protein low in fat?
Protein Rich Food
A variety of low-fat source of protein foods

1. Fish, low-fat source of protein that is very healthy
If you are over this avoid to eat fish, then from now on fish should more often beside dishes you every day. Fish is a food source of high protein but low in fat, so you need not be concerned with the amount of fat your body when eating fish as a side dish to your animal

In fact, the fish contains a kind of fat that does not saturate the omega-3s, which is good for the health of the heart.

Part of a side dish of fish that corresponds to about 25 grams or half the size of your palms contains 50 calories, 7 grams of protein and 2 grams of fat.
2. Chicken skin In all this time, eating chicken with his skin is the source of fat that collects the skin of the chicken in the body. Yes, chicken meat, of course, is one of the foods that contain low protein in fat without their skin, yes.

You manipulate Dipangang, roast, or other healthy cooking methods and skin chicken breasts instead of fried.

Every large meal can eat one or half portions of chicken meat pieces, an equivalent of 40 grams or if you eat a part of your thigh.
3. Beef without lard that says high-fat minced meat? Few people actually know that the fat of the beef owned is almost the same as the fish, only 5 grams of fat per 35 grams of meat. But remember, the beef you eat is free of fat parts or lard. The beef, which is contained in low-fat protein food, is part of the loin meat, which consists only of meat.

Serve with a beef up to 35 grams of a medium or equivalent.
4. A chicken egg, white part only the eggs also goes into low-fat protein foods that are sure to be good for body cells to repair if you rely on muscle building. But beware of yellow eggs that contain cholesterol. You consume the equivalent of an egg that serves domestic chicken eggs that are still allowed to eat only the white part.

Parts of the yolk can be eaten three times a week to avoid an increase in cholesterol levels.
5. Various nuts and protein sauces are contained in herbal sources, but beans can also be a source of good food if you are in a program to lose weight or build a muscle body. For, a portion of vegetable protein sources contains only 3 grams of fat. An example of a vegetable protein that allows you to consume tofu, soybeans, Azuki beans, beans, and some other nuts.

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